Vladimir Okhotnikov about the prospects of Layer 2 blockchains

The Company Okhotnikov Analyzed the Possibility of Ethereum Blockchain Replacement

The analytical article gives an understanding of what will happen if the SEC declares Ether a security. Based on expert analysis, a detailed technical description of the blockchain is provided in terms of its impact on the future of the decentralized finance (Defi) market. 

The author’s company Okhotnikov pays special attention to the features of the second-level blockchain. The information helps overcome existing prejudices and myths about the distributed ledger by explaining its basic principles and benefits.

NFT in the Bitcoin blockchain: Vladimir Okhotnikov shares his impressions 

The euphoria around Bitcoin is fading, but the launch of exchange-traded funds in the US has opened up new prospects. Growing interest in investing in the asset may stimulate investors, while requiring other solutions to scale the blockchain.

Vladimir Okhotnikov discusses the challenges facing the Bitcoin and Litecoin blockchains and highlights the need for new technologies to solve the problems. He also notes the increase in fees on the btc network and its impact on miners, highlighting their additional income from activity in the system.

Further in the article, the crypto expert notes that the blockchain was not originally designed to support NFTs, but now, thanks to three updates, this has become possible. Vladimir Okhotnikov indicated that upgrades to Op Return, Taproot and the new Ordinals protocol make it possible to attach data directly to individual satoshis during transactions, creating something like an NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The analyst also discusses the features of NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain compared to NFTs on Ethereum smart contracts. He notes that while NFTs on Bitcoin are not full-fledged NFTs in the classical sense, they are called commons or artifacts because they have metadata attached to them rather than individual tokens.

Vladimir Okhotnikov warns against the risks associated with the use of new infrastructure and urges investors to exercise caution when investing in such assets. He also emphasizes that, despite the new opportunities, Bitcoin is primarily a tool for storing value, and not for speculation.

The authors of this article emphasize the importance of the blockchain and its ability to change reality, providing the opportunity to create a system in which no one can interfere. In support of this argument, the expert cites the example of the policies of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele.

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