The Current Status of Independent Work Permits for the Foreign Company Owners in Turkey and role of Lawyer in Istanbul

Obtaining an independent work permit in Turkey is a process which requires a summative evaluation to be made on the role of the applicant in the company in Turkey, the education and the experience of the applicant and the projected inputs to be contributed by the applicant to science, technology and the Turkey’s economy. Below is information on the general procedures and legal demands that foreign company owners and managers are bound to encounter when in the process of seeking work permits. 

In this connection, it is pertinent to determine the prerequisites for obtaining independent work permits that ensure the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises. 

If foreign company owners want to obtain independent work permits in Turkey, with the help of Lawyer Istanbul, the following steps can be take: 

Company Role: 

To some extent concerns are tighten to the position and the affecting on the company’s activity of the candidate in question; it applies to the managers of the limited companies, the members of the board of the joint-stock companies and the managing partners of limited partnerships with shares. 

Education and Professional Experience: 

As for the requirements needed to become a successful supply chain professional, it is crucial to say that one must have a relatively high level of education and significant professional experience. These aspects depict the applicant as a potential worker having the full potential of offering his/her services in the Turkish market. 

Contribution to Science and Technology: 

Turkish universities value the applicants who have substantive advancement to science and to the technological field, which correlates with Turkey’s strategies for innovative development.

Economic Impact: 

Business activities of the applicant and the possible effect of the company’s creation on the Turkish economy and employment rates is also an essential component of the consideration. 

Legal Documentation and Requirements 

These documents include copies of passport, residence permit, company’s trade registry gazettes, tax plate, biometric photos and a prove of social security registration by the employer. Furthermore, to submit the application, the applicant must append his/her electronic signature. 

Specialized Legal Assistance 

Given the intricate nature of these applications, legal assistance from specialists is highly recommend: 

Istanbul Work Permit Lawyer: Work permit legal guidance to minimize legal issues that may prevail in the operation of the business. 

Istanbul Company Lawyer: Legal soliciting and consulting –support with corporate legal matters and adherence to the Turkish commercial legislation. 

Immigration Lawyer: Information on rules of immigration and other related tasks regarding more residencies or permit. 

Work permit of foreign employees in Turkey 

In every country, it is mandatory to obtain a work permit if one is an international employee as is the case in Turkey. However there are times that either the employer or even the employee will have to contemplate as to whether he or she should cancel the work permit. Therefore, it is significant for both parties to have comprehensive knowledge of Turkey’s work permit regulation to smoothly perform this task legally. 

This article describes how an individual has a right to object a work permit decision if he or she has an objection for it. 

In the case a work permit application is rejected or withdrawn the parties have the following rights of objection work permit decisions. While this legal remedy is crucial in trying to protect the foreign employees and employers provided for in the Turkish employment law. 

Ways to Appeal a Work Permit 

To file an appeal to the working permit, there are several procedures and measures that are followed to the letter. It is wise to consult with an attorney on the work permit issue, so that all procedural formalities are fulfill and to improve the likelihood of receiving permission. 

An Overview of Immigration Lawyer Services 

As for people, who do not have experience in dealing with the Turkish legal procedures, it is highly advisable to address an immigration lawyer in Turkey. An experienced lawyer also assists with different questions, for instance, procedure for canceling work permit in Turkey, how to file an appeal against the work permit decision and others. 

The Enforcement of the Rights of the Foreign Workers in Turkey 

The legal entitlements of the foreign employees in Turkey can be ascribe to certain number of regulations and statutes. Therefore, legal awareness is crucial for the foreign employees so as to know their legal entitlements and their employers’ legal responsibilities. Employment lawyers and consultants with knowledge of Turkish employment law can be invaluable through advise and/or representation.


The procedure of obtaining an independent work permit in Turkey means preparation and a number of requirements to contend with legal and economic factors. While Carefully consulting with lawyers involved in the particular line of law guarantees your application complies with Turkey’s statutes and enhances your results. This approach also helps reduce the difficulties involved in the application while contributing to Turkey’s intentions of drawing competent personnel and meaningful economic activities. 

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