Five Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

No one goes into a marriage planning to get divorced, but the reality is that 42% of marriages do end that way. Making smart choices and avoiding unnecessary mistakes during the divorce process can go a long way to ensuring that it is less stressful and that the outcome is fair to you. Family law attorneys in Sugar Land can use expert knowledge to guide you, but let's take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make.

Five Mistakes To Avoid During a Divorce

1. Not Getting the Full Financial Picture

It is inevitable that your finances will be mixed in with your spouse's, and sometimes one spouse takes charge of handling the household finances. If you don't have the full picture financial picture, you will be at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating the outcome of your divorce. You should be especially mindful of discovering hidden assets and debts.

You will need to look at:

  • Credit card statements
  • Checking and savings account statements
  • Loan documents
  • Retirement/pension accounts
  • Brokerage documents

2. Using the Divorce To Get Back at Your Spouse

No one can go through a divorce entirely emotionless. It is a painful time, and there may be strong feelings of anger and resentment, but you should try to put these to one side during the process. Getting into a bitter, long, acrimonious divorce will only harm you, both emotionally and financially.

The longer the divorce lasts, the more it will cost. Every step of the process will carry with it a financial burden, so it is in your best interests to ensure that it is as quick and painless as possible. The average cost of a divorce is between $15,000 and $20,000, but a contested divorce can end up costing many times this amount: sometimes as much as $100,000.

3. Being Dishonest

Of course, your goal is to exit the marriage with the best outcome for you, but you should never attempt to be dishonest in order to achieve this. For example, by attempting to hide assets. Lying to a judge will make them look at you less favorably, and may make them change their mind on aspects of the divorce that were already finalized.

In the worst-case scenario, you could even be charged with fraud. Or the court could award the assets you attempted to hide to your spouse.

4. Not Hiring Family Law Attorneys in Sugar Land

Some people are tempted to not seek legal help during their divorce process. This is often driven by a desire to reduce the cost, but it is almost always a bad idea. Not matter how amicable you think your divorce will be at the outset, there is a good chance that you will encounter obstacles along the way. Sound legal counsel will do everything in their power to ensure that your best interests are protected.

You need a good team behind you, who understands the legal side of the divorce process, speaks the legal language, and who can work within the legal framework to achieve the best outcome for you. Check out this site to see how a family law attorney would work with you in your divorce.

5. Agreeing to a One-Sided Settlement

Yes, it is in your best interests that your divorce does not get dragged out for too long, but you shouldn't be tempted to agree to the first settlement that is proposed just to get it over and done with. Remember that your finances will take a dip after your divorce (especially if you are woman). Ensuring you receive everything you are entitled to will help you make the best start in your new life.

There is no doubt that a divorce is a stressful and upsetting time, but you owe it to yourself to ensure that you protect yourself throughout the process. Being careful to avoid potential pitfalls and making considered decisions will have a lasting positive impact on your life, post-divorce.

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