Top 3 Video to GIF Converter Tools in 2024

GIFs are those fun, looping images we see everywhere online. They're like mini-movies that capture our attention and emotions in a snap. To make these cool GIFs, we need special tools called video to GIF converter. These converters take regular videos and turn them into these catchy GIFs that we all love to share. 

Whether you are a social media fan, a content creator, or just someone who enjoys adding a touch of fun to your messages, knowing the best video to GIF converter tools in 2024 can make your online posts stand out. 

So, let's explore these top 3 tools that will help you easily create and share your own animated GIFs, making your online presence more engaging and exciting.

Benefits of Using a Video to GIF Converter

There are several advantages you can have using a video to GIF converter if you are considering to convert video to animated GIF. These tools create short GIFs samples which are easy to use, share, and bring existing video content into life.

One key advantage is the affordability and ease of production that GIFs offer. Users can create more exciting content when videos are converted to GIFs and thus keep maximizing their video content strategy cost-effectively. Furthermore, the video to GIF transition process itself is relatively easy to use even if you do not have advanced video editing skills, meaning that the process is accessible for all kinds of users. The only requirement is that you use the right video to GIF converter.

Besides, GIFs as content are easily consumable and highly effective in attracting viewers' attention as a result of their self-play and loop features. It raises the degree of engagement, thus, it may result in higher interaction rates and improved audience response. GIFs prove to be shareable across various platforms due to their small file size, making these ideal for sharing on social media and adding to tactics within online marketing. Apart from that, GIFs also can be used to demonstrate product functionality, create teaser, and give quick explanations, which made them not only as a tool for marketing and education but also demonstration.

Video to GIF Converter Tools

1. HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw Video Converter is a hero tool that demonstrates exceptional capacity when you need to  convert video to GIF.  The best thing about this application is that it supports more than 1000 formats and helps users to batch convert videos into animated GIFs easily. This champion tool also boasts a built-in player which is designed for allowing users to experience a perfect preview. Besides, HitPaw Video Converter offers a variety of filters and effects that are intended to transform basic GIF creations into impressive and fascinating artwork. The ease with which tasks such as cropping, rotating, and applying effects to videos prior to conversion can be achieved is made easy by its simple and uncomplicated interface.


Supports over 1000 video formats

Batch creation of GIFs

Advanced built-in player for previews

Diverse filters and effects available

Easy cropping and rotating features

User-friendly interface

Fast and efficient conversion process

Users can make use of free trial before actually buying it

Can also be used as gif to video converter


Free version lack some advanced editing features

How to Convert Video to GIF using HitPaw Video Converter

You will be amazed to learn how easy it is to covert video to GIF using HitPaw. Just follow three simple steps as given below and you will have your desired video (any format) converted to GIF. 

Step 1: To begin with, open HitPaw Video Converter app on your Windows or Mac and add your video.

Step 2: Now, select your desired output format and destination folder from among the options.

Step 3: Finally, click "Convert" for a single file or "Convert All" for bulk conversion to convert video to GIF.

2. GIPHY Create

GIPHY Create is another platform that allows to convert video to GIF. The user has the option to change the GIF length, set the starting and end frames, and add visual elements as well, like captions and stickers. The tool will host the GIF in GIPHY's media repository, providing shareable links to web pages or social channels. It also enables you to generate GIFs from images, therefore allowing you to have a great experience across all the devices you use.


User-friendly interface for easy GIF creation

Customization options like adjusting GIF length and adding visual elements

Hosting on GIPHY with shareable links enhances accessibility


Limited editing features compared to advanced software

May have restrictions on file size or duration

Dependency on internet connection for usage

Lack of advanced editing tools for professional users

3. Movavi

Movavi is a well-established video editing software with a video converter that has already experienced overwhelming demand by both Mac and PC users. This software is associate with speed, ease of use and accuracy. However, the batch export functionality is the most impressive, since it speeds up the creation of many GIF files under one roof. On the other hand, it doesn't look great if it is use to make GIFs sporadically. Available to Mac and Windows users for$19.95, Movavi also presents a trial version for testing the app.


Fast and efficient

User-friendly interface

Reliable performance

Batch export feature for easy creation of multiple GIFs


Price can be an obstacle course for single success stories.

Limited free trial period


In conclusion, the type of video to GIF converter to use is the first step to achieving what users want from the conversion. Generally, the choice depends on the user’s criteria. Examples include usability, platform compatibility, supported video formats, file size limits, customization, and editing capabilities. 

If you are interest, HitPaw Video Converter, arguably the best of the lot, could boost your GIFs creativity journey in 2024. Employing this tool can significantly raise the level of your GIF creation activity because it gives you an opportunity to apply advanced features and enjoy the simplicity of the program.

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